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Git-Bit Baits Flipping Jig

new jighead

The new design allows the jighead too come through the cover and docks a lot better then the old design and also sits on the bottom better. Also the jighead has two barb for keeping your plastic on jighead better. Dimples help give more action to skirt.

Oconee Blue Black FlippingBlue Black
OconeeChartFlippingOconee Chart Money FlippingMoney
Blue Black Chart FlippingBlue Black Chart PB J FlippingP B and J
CoffeeFlippingCoffee Junebug Blood FlippingJunebug Blood    New Color

We offer the Flipping Jig in 1/4oz and 3/8oz. The colors are Oconee, Blue Black,  Oconee/Chart, Money,  Blue Black Chart , PB/J , Coffee and Junebug blood.   1/4oz Flipping Jig works great Flipping and Skipping docks using a Spinning Reel.  3/8oz Flipping Jig works great Flipping and Skipping docks using a Baitcaster. Oconee, Oconee/Chart  and Money are best to use when water is clear to light stain. Blue/Black and Junebug blood are best to use in Stain water. 

The Git-Bit Baits Flipping Jig have unique dimples on  jig heads that give more action to the skirt as it comes through the water and dimples also give  a 3D look to the Bass.  Dimples also remove some of the weight allowing for a bigger jig head for better skipping docks and less hang-up around rocks, wood, etc..  We use Mustad Ultra point hooks on our Flipping Jig.  Git-Bit jig heads are Made in USA! 

The Skirts that we use on our Flipping Jig are 54 count Bio-Flex silicone that give the jig a full body.  Also has removable rattle system  where you can add rattles or leave them off.   Rattles not included.






6 per pack  $2.99