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Flipping JigFlipping Jig
Football JigFootball Jig
Shaky Skirt HeadShaky Skirt Head
Shaky Skirt HeadLiving Jig

Git-Bit Baits - Finesse Jigs, Flipping Jigs, Football Jigs, Slow Fall Jig and Thumper Jigs

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The Git-Bit Finesse Jig come in 1/4oz, many colors and a great jig when the Bass get finicky. The Git-Bit Flipping Jig comes in 1/4oz and 3/8oz, many colors and a great jig for pitching and skipping cover and docks. The Git-Bit Football Jig comes in 1/2oz and 3/4oz, many colors and a great jig for working points, ledges, humps, etc. The Thumper Jig come in 1/2oz. We take our 1/2oz Football Jig and put a turbo blade in front to make this jig dance.