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Git-Bit Baits 3/8oz Clacker Buzzbait

Clacker Buzzbait
Two blades for the Clacker BuzzbaitTwo Separate Blades

$5.99 each

Jig head colors


Chartreuse White Jig headWhite Chartreuse
Translucent Blue HeadTranslucent Blue
Black Chartreuse Sparkle Jig headBlack Chartreuse

Git-Bit Baits Clacker Buzzbaits are two separate blades that clack as they hit each other as the blades rotate. The blades give off a lot of noise that calls the big Bass in for a look. The Clacker Buzzbait are 3/8oz and have a very sharp Mustad hook.  Will be adding 1/4oz and 1/2oz Buzzbait soon.