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Fuse 4.4 Missile Baits - Serious Soft Plastic

Fuse 4.4 Green PumpkinGreen Pumpkin Fuse 4.4 Green Pumpkin PurpleGreen Pumpkin Purple

Nobody has ever seen a 4.4” sized straight finesse bait like this! The Fuse 4.4 is a slender finesse crawfish shaped worm. It has a thicker, solid rear portion to rig on a hook or shaky head plus a thinner body where the hook is hidden for effortless hook sets. The claws on the end have thin arms for very natural action with minimal bait movement. It is perfect for shaky heads, drop shot, Texas rig, Carolina rigs, and more.

$3.99 6 per pack
$5.99 shipping / free shipping on orders over $75.00