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Tomahawk 8.75 Missile Baits - Serious Soft Plastic

Tomahawk 8.75 Green PumpkinGreen Pumpkin Tomahawk 8.75 Blue FleckBlue Fleck
Tomahawk 8.75 Love BugLove Bug Tomahawk Green Pumpkin WatermelonGreen Pumpkin Watermelon
Tomahawk 8.75 Watermelon RedGreen Pumpkin Red  

The big worm has a new twist. When you need a big ribbontail worm, the Tomahawk 8.75 is the one. A unique double tail gives this worm action at the slightest twitch. A tapered head and Missile grip ribs allow for great hook sets. Use it on Texas rigs, Carolina rigs, and larger shaky head applications

$3.99 6 per pack
$5.99 shipping / free shipping on orders over $75