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Shakey Head Green PumpkinGreen Pumpkin
Shakey Head BlackBlack
Shakey Head Black ChartreuseBlack Chartreuse
Green Pumkin Chartreuse
Shakey Head Dimples

Kicker Sticker Git-Bit Baits version of the Shakey Head

Git-Bit Baits Kicker Sticker continues with dimples on jig head. The colors you can choose from are Green Pumpkin, Black, Green Pumpkin Chartreuse and Black Chartreuse. The sizes that we offer the Kicker Sticker are 1/8oz and 3/16oz. Also choose between 4/0 or 5/0 Mustad hooks. Kicker Sticker have double barbs to keep plastic from sliding down hook. 1/8oz Kicker Sticker works great for Skipping docks using a Spinning reel. 3/16oz Kicker Sticker works great for Skipping docks using Bait caster reel. The Kicker Sticker can make any plastics dances and shake for that Bass! Some of the most popular plastics are Zoom Trick worm and Ol Monster. We have add two new colors that are working great. The chart speakled head attracts Bream and then we believe that attracts Bass and when the Bream leaves there's the worm for that Bass to Git-Bit!

Size & Colors   $3.99  3 per pack