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Shaky Skirt Head - Blue Black
5/16oz Shaky Skirt Head Screw Lock Head5/16oz Screw Lock Head
Shaky Skirt Head 3/16oz Double Barb 3/16oz Double Barb
Brown Sugar
P B and J
Green Pumpkin

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3/16oz Shaky Skirt Head - Blue Black- put a skirt on that shaky head!

We take our shaky head (Kicker Sticker) and put a skirt on the head of jig, turning it into the Shaky Skirt Head.  The Shaky Skirt Head has 25 count Bio-Flex Skirt and not the standard 54 count Bio-Flex Skirt that comes on our Flipping Jigs and Football Jigs. By using 25 Bio-Flex Skirt it cuts the profile down by half and it makes for a great finesse jig and a big Bass jig! The Blue Black Shaky Skirt Head works great in light stain - stain water. Choose between a Mustad 4/0 hook or 5/0 hook.

Head Style, Colors and hook size $3.49each   *We don't have 5/16oz in Double Barb